As a UI and UX designer, I have been thinking the digital experience from simple to complex products, in several segments, for more than 15 years.
Currently, I am a senior product designer at FullStack Labs, the fastest-growing software consultancy in the Americas. Before, I was a product designer at NomadGlobal.
More about me

I feel comfortable to going across all the product design steps, from researching to prototyping, and testing. However, my expertise is UI and Visual design.
I am used to working within agile teams, going through sprints and other Scrum ceremonies.
I like to work closely with the support and technology team, besides users, for sure. I think a collaborative environment is the smartest way to come up with the best design solutions.
I can make simple things using HTML, CSS, and some development logic stuff, but I am not a developer.
I am post graduated in Service Design and graduated in Product Design.
I was born and raised in Belém (Pará - Brazil), an amazing city inside the great Amazon region. 
This portfolio gets together some works made from 2014 until now.  If you want to know more about me, just check my resume out, or getting in touch.
That's all. Thanks for been here 🙂

My design routine in a gif: investigating, prototyping, testing, presenting and make all again, and again...

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